I organise activities for different social events such as "möhippa" and birthdays.

I offer:

- A Tango lesson for the guests: Everyone can learn the base steps of tango and enjoy to dance during the evening (1 to 1 and half hour). It can include a short introduction about tango history and some tips about social codes at tango evenings.
- A Tango performance: It's a performance in duet when we show the three dances included in tango: Tango, milonga and tango-vals (5 to 15 minutes).
- A Tango performance with the party's protagonist: It could be for instance to dance a tango with the birthday girl/boy, or to train the couple that is getting married to dance a tango-vals (3 to 10 minutes). It requires at least one session for preparation.
- Dj: I help to create the best tango environment playing during the evening Argentine Tango, traditional and/or modern. It's also possible to include other Latin-American and South-American rhythm such as cumbia and bossa-nova (from 1 to 8 hours).
- Argentinean taste: I do advice you about traditional Argentine food. I provide you receipts and how to present at the table.

- Bonus plus: As an extra, the funniest moment of the evening is when everyone try to learn the Chacarera, a folkloric Argentinean dance. Loughs are guaranteed!!! (10 to 20 minutes).

Tel: +46 (0) 0709 237473