Tango is possible to experience in many different ways, being to watch a tango performance an enriching experience. The couple dancing tango is connected, all the senses are open, allowing listening and sensitivity, as well as a great technique domain to perform dynamics changes and rhythms. When tango is performed at stage, it requires as well creativity to offer a performance with identity. 

I have danced Tango performances in so different context such as birthdays partys, "möhippa", a Latin American festival, a carnival evening, at secondary schools, at a restaurant opening..., each space and kind of public implies a challenge and an inspiration to create an original performance.

If you are interested in to have a tango performance at your event contact me:
Tel: +46 (0)709 237473


Mosaik. Opening.
Dancers: Tommy Leite (Chile/Swe), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).
Mosiak, Lilla Torget, Malmö, Sweden.
March 2018.

Vinterlund dansfest.
In collaboration with Tangokompaniet.
Dancers: Tommy Leite (Chile/Swe), Anna Sol (Swe), Daniel Carlsson (Swe), Sonny La (Swe), Cecilia Warfvinge (Swe).
Mejeriet. Lund, Sweden.
Saturday 4th of February 2017.

Festival Latino.
Dancers: Tommy Leite (Chile/Swe), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).
July 2016. Folkets park. Malmö, Sweden.

Tango på skolan. Spanska i Rörelse. Dansuppträdande och dansworkshop på Spanska.
I samarbete med Cipriano Calónico (Arg-Sve) och Tommy Leite (Sve).
December 2015. S:t Petri skola. Malmö (Skåne, Sweden).
Music: Cipriano Calónico
Dancers-teachers: Tommy José Cristian Leite (Chile/Swe), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).

Tango på skolan. Spanska i Rörelse. Dansuppträdande.
September 2015. 
Sundsgymnasiet, Vellinge (Skåne, Sweden).
Music: Cipriano Calónico (Ar-Swe).
Dancers: Koki Cortez Lacherre (Peru), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).